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A Different Snowman Encounter

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We showed you yesterday the first encounter we had with a snowman and Kiska’s gentle investigation.  Let’s just say the next encounter was not quite so gentle.

It was an innocent enough looking snow family.
The Black and White Team approached for a little exchange of pleasantries.
Appropriate canine greeting styles were utilized.
Until Qannik shocked Kiska with his own exchange of pleasantries.
Not so much shocked by this particular expression.
But shocked that she was once again going to have to prove that she could aim higher than any of the boys. When will they learn?
Why does this remind the hu-dad of a Mr. Bill skit from Saturday Night Live?

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24 thoughts on “A Different Snowman Encounter

  1. Oh nooooo Mr Bill….LOL!!!! Kiska just showing that Girl’s Rule!!! Looks like everyone had fun but the snowman!!
    Licks & Nibbles,
    Kody & Nia

  2. Hi Y’all,
    My Human Momma says there used to be a little Basenji in the family and she did the “hike it higher” routine with her buddy a FlatCoat Retriever.
    The Humans went to the other side of the mountain today and there is still snow there. We are much warmer here. It was 38 this morning and 69 this afternoon.
    I’ve told the Humans to watch for the BlueRidge to close. I’d love to run up there…might even settle for the old leash. 🙁
    See Y’all later!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Woo there, Herd~
    Nice “add” to the snowman. Mom thinks woo should have smashed him in the end. She said summthing about “that’s how Mr. Bill seemed to end up”. She’s weird…but I’ll keep her. Summone’s got to tend to mi everi need.
    Keep it furri, mi friends.
    Your pal,

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