August 2, 2010

Siberian Husky Calisthenics


As a working breed, it is very important that we remain in top physical condition. Today, we demonstrate some Siberian Husky calisthenics that keep us in shape. You see some sled dogs do a variety of exercises during the off-season so that they are fully prepared for the rigors of our winter sport.

The workout we are about to show is intense and should only be attempted by athletes in top physical condition. We encourage you to use warm up in advance and pay a great deal attention to using proper form. We invite you to see some exclusive footage of the specially adapted training program for The Thundering Herd.

Remember, we are professionals.  Pace yourselves.

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  1. Oh man, Natasha makes it look so easy!

    Rusty,you and Loki could be bunk buddies with that burp. if i could just get it on video… Loki burps like a boy trying to burp on purpose… swallows a bunch of soda and forces his burps out loud and clear.


  2. Your poor hu-dad – having to deal with all that activity in the house like that. You guys really need to learn how to settle down and relax! Can’t be working all the time! LOL!


  3. Ha ha ha! Morgan does Doga exactly the same way! Whew! I feel like such a slacker now. I’m not getting nearly enough exercise.

    I just want to know what Hu-Dad did to The Herd to get them so tired before that workout!


  4. Yes, you are “professional” NAPPERS! 🙂

    We’re pretty good at napping around here, except of course, in the middle of the night when our humans are sleeping. Then, we must protect the house from the slightest rustle outside… necessitating yet more napping during the day.


  5. You guys have it all covered – we tend to work the hardest on the doga stretch after the nap which of course comes after the stomping down of the weeds.

    Great presentation from the Herd.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  6. As a workout video, I would call this perfection! I see that you prepare for work pretty much as I prepare for sport!

    Loved it. Just sayin.

    Wif love from the Luke


  7. I think woo’ve khaptured some of the khalisthenikhs from Khamp Khyra

    My mom wanted to do some human workouts with some Snowflake Plukhking!



  8. First, you need a Caution at the beginning of this video: “We are professionals. Do not try this at home!” Second, ever consider doing a Sibe Fitness DVD? You put Tybo to shame…and think of the cross marketing possibilities…workout gear…energy bars…Thundering Herd Fitness Camp!


  9. Moving this speed in your video, makes it seem like you are all going so much faster when you race! I follow the same training program, lying on the floor and only lifting one eyebrow (to follow progress) as my secretary types this message to you all.


  10. Haaaaaaaaaa, I think I left you the appropriate comment on youtube. Okay, so I’ve posted about the walk one last time, but I want to wish you a glorious outcome. Thank you for helping out in volumes!!!


  11. Shamus, the Newf, tried to do some Stomping of the Weeds, but he dropped to the floor a bit to soon. Emmett, our hound, didn’t even bother to circle. He just threw himself down. I’ll keep them at it. It obviously takes a lot of work to perfect that move. Form, style, the right number of turns… Ugh. Exhausting.


  12. Oh my God, guys – I think Wolverine needs to come and take workout tips from you! 😉 I was working up a sweat just watching you – don’t know how you can keep it up! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane


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