Fierce Ruby Tuesday

Look, Tartok, no one gets through this door without my say.
Ok, Rubester, no one bosses the King of the House around.
And to prove it, I will just go drink some water while you sit in front of that door.
Time to karate chop your head, Tokkie Boy.
Go ahead and holler for your mama!
The Ruby Fierce Face!
What do you think about that, boy?
Hey, Loki, can you come from California and hope me out? Or maybe I need Dennis, because he never gives up.
Bring it on, boys, the Rubester rules the roost.
Oh, wait, someone is at the door. Act innocent.

25 thoughts on “Fierce Ruby Tuesday”

  1. Ruby rules the roost, already?? Wow, Tartok, you must really be a wimp! And, nobody falls for that drinking water trick… we all saw right through it.

  2. PS. sibes are the MOST playful dogs i’ve ever seen. they really are the epitome of living and loving life and taking risks (like counter surfing…) They really are such fascinating dogs!


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