Tracking the Wild Beasts

Our good friend, KB, has always shared on her blog the amazing wild animals in her world and she has asked if we spot tracks in the snow.  Admittedly, KB is far more skilled than our hu-dad in identifying tracks and describing the behaviors of these creatures.  Plus she can show actual pictures of piles of scat and turn it into a good story.  We are very impressed with that skill since most of our stories turn into piles of scat, if you know what we mean.  But we digress.

Recently, we were out in the snow and spotted some most interesting tracks and were able to follow the tracks and get actual pictures of the wild beast.  We are not sure if this is quite as good as videos of mountain lions or pictures of hibernating bears.  Actually, we are quite sure it is not that good.  But we will still make the attempt.  Come with us now as we go deep into the wilds.

The first tracks we saw were in melting snow, thus it was hard to make out the finer features.
But in this close shot, you are able to see the distinct pads of the paw. Its size is impressive and we knew we were close to the beast.
And then, in the distance, we spotted the animal fleeing across the open spaces.
We were able to take a side trail and get in front of it. See its majesty, those sparkling eyes. And then . . .
It rose to its full height and struck its stunning pose. Yes, we had captured a photograph of the elusive Rusty the Rooster.


Grins - with all due respect to KB - May the Year of the Bobcat rule!

28 thoughts on “Tracking the Wild Beasts”

  1. *rofl* KB has that effect on us, too! We lucked out and actually had some wildlife here this week, though. I’m going to be laughing to myself about this all day! Thanks D.K. and Rusty!

  2. Hi there, Herd!
    That is too cute for words! It reminds me of that story I heard as a child of someone walking in the snow, suddenly discovering tracks, then another set and so on…only to discover that it was himself!
    That was such a light-hearted, lovely post with a beautiful (literally) ending!

  3. You’ve got a person laughing like crazy in Colorado! Yes, everyone, there are photos of piles of scat on my blog! Now, if only I could photograph the smell, our dogs would like our blogs too! Just kidding…

    Great story. That Rusty doesn’t walk with a very organized gait. It looks like he sort of randomly decides what to do with each paw at the very last instant. So fitting for Rusty… always making his own rules.

  4. Rusty the Rooster is one of my favorite pup-guys.
    Totally oblivious to those around him, he goes his merry way!

    My favorite was the one where he was walking with his head in your knees and you annoyed him by changing your gait!


  5. Hee hee hee! You had me going there!
    I knew this was going to be a fun post from the minute you said that your stories “turn into piles of scat”. Hee hee hee!
    I wish we could follow tracks and find Rusty!

  6. Fantastic!! Funny you posted, we are now always super alert to paw prints when we are up in the snow, due to KB’s postings! But, we are usually spotting crows, and other furries…perhaps Rusty’s too…will look for the ‘unorganized gait prints’!! 🙂

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  7. Finally! I thought I’d never find the comment box. Some trackin’ dog I am.

    Anywhoooo…thanks for stoppin’ by my blog so often and now that I’ve found you AND SAVED THIS PAGE I hope to get back more often as my schedule allows. I’ll tell my secretary to pencil you in often in my appt book.

    You look like loads of fun and adventure and I am all about fun and adventure!

    Woofs and adventurous slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  8. Rusty the Beast! Funny, but I too have a paw odyssey to share with you and kb, well everyone. Please tell Natasha that we would love to have her over at our barn with Zamiro, Ringo and all their furiends. We don’t have snow though, so she’d have to bring some. Other than that, we’re great hosts.

  9. I came on over from KBs blog to check out your tracking story. Pretty intense! Your dogs are beautiful! I’ve recently started skijoring and see quite a few huskies on the trails. They seem to love to be out in the snow pulling.

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