Natural Freckles

Unlike his siblings with the Mud Freckles, Rusty would like to remind everyone he has natural freckles (a/k/a Pickle Nose) just like his buddy Dave!  (Being a red head, they are a lighter than Dave’s, so click on the picture to get a close up).

Rusty Pickle Nose

10 thoughts on “Natural Freckles”

  1. Ha roo roo! Rusty woo has cute freckles!!! Heheheh!! And I am partial to red heads!!

    **Kisses to sweetheart Koova**
    Mya Boo Boo

  2. Do your freckles change at all with the seasons or anything? My mommy keeps laughing at me because not only do I get “snow nose” to some extent, but my freckles vanish and reappear depending on all kinds of esoteric factors. Do you have this? Do any of your other sibs have real, not mud, freckles?

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