Ok, now we are mad.

No, not about the snow.  We love the snow.  We have snow up to our fuzzy, errr, tails and we are having a blast.  We are delirious about the snow.  We are running everywhere in the snow.  We are digging in the snow.  Even “I don’t like to be cold or get my feet wet” Rusty is rolling and playing in the snow.  We think that snow . . . Wait a minute.  We got sidetracked.  Oh yeah, we are mad.

In this recent election, we saw all of the signs.  How some are judged just by their appearance.  Yep, that’s right – breedism.  How else do you explain the failure of the public to support the Presidential campaign of Turbo and Khyra?  They were clearly the superior choice to lead our nation and yet, the people did not support them.  Pure breedism we say.

And then . . . this.  We are camping this weekend and walk up to a bulletin board listing all of the things you can’t do in this park.  And, of course, one of the signs was restricting pets from the bathroom.  Ok, we get that.  The world is our bathroom, so let the humans have that one.  But do you see who they chose to be the example?

No Pets Allowed

That’s it.  We are not going to take it anymore.  We are going to shed, and get muddy paw prints everywhere, and chew up things, and . . .  Oh yeah, we do that anyway.  We will, we will – uh – let us sleep on it, we will come up with the proper revenge.

8 thoughts on “Breedism”

  1. oh You’re So Khondescending (elitist humans)
    your Gall Is Never Ending (until they remove your bladders)
    we Don’t Want Nothin’, Not A Thing From You (well, maybe some food and treats)
    your Life Is Trite And Jaded (that is why we liven it up)
    boring And Confiscated (see above!)
    if That’s Your Best, Your Best Won’t Do (that’s why we hit you with our best and muddiest paws)

    Great khommentary!

    Turbo and I will keep that in mind fur 2012!


  2. Go Thundering Herd! If anyone can take down “The Man” it’s a pack of the six of you! First Rusty can walk behind “The Man” and trip him, then you all can lick “The Man” to pieces and get him all furry and dirty and then Natasha can make “The Man” bow to her.


  3. WOO WOO

    We are so so glad you got snow! We were feeling very sorry for you! But we hate those silly signs! We are so much cleaner than the folks and to put our picture up on the sign – It’s an outrage!!!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  4. Thundering Herd!

    I am so jealous of your snow! Everyone has snow but me! Our weatherman keeps on saying it’s gonna snow, but it always rains instead. Grrr.

    Oh my dogness! I can see why you guys must be mad! You huskies can’t be picked on like this. They should have put a cat on the bathroom sign instead of any dog breed!


  5. Snow??? What’s that. Unacceptable image. Why not use a lab or perhaps a shephard of some kind. Breedism!! I don’t even know what that means either, but I am up in paws.


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Alright, I think we have a little movement going on here (no, not that, a social movement).
    A couple of weeks ago, I was told dogs were not allowed to go into restaurants and order a meal! What? Then yesterday I found out that No Dogs Allowed in the local library . . .Now I see dogs (Specifically Sibes?) are not allowed in Campground restrooms. Today I find that I am not allowed in the big local department store.

    This has to end. We protect people, fulfill all kinds of duties and yet are not allowed in many places! Maybe we need to start a revalooshun to make things better.

    Think about this.



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