September 4, 2008

Natasha and the Big Dogs


I have written before about how enamored Natasha is with the “Big Dogs” (aka, horses) she sees grazing in the fields.  She will race to the window of the car (well, as much as her seat belt allows movement) and stare at any horse she sees.

We were driving down the road in Asheville and a traffic light had turned red.  In the right lane in front of us was a truck pulling a horse trailer with two horses in the back.  Realizing that Natasha had never seen a horse this close before, I changed into the second lane and pulled the Jeep beside the horse trailer.  A horse was perfectly positioned with its head facing Natasha only a couple of feet away.

Natasha smelled the horse first and her tail was wagging, but as we pulled up side by side – er, nose to nose for them – her tail paused.  My girl rarely has a lack of confidence, but she froze and her eyes got really, really wide.  She never flinched, never backed down even an inch, but she just stared at the horse who looked back at her.

The light turned green and we pulled off.  Natasha just turned and looked at me in the most perfect, “Did you see that?” look.


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  1. Hey everyone!! I see you finally joined DWB!!! Welcome to the community. There are sooo many great dogs and blogs out there!

    I also put up a new post today to tell my friends all about you, so hopefully you will soon have some new friends checking out your blog!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and upcoming week too!



  2. I’m here bekhause PrincessHollyBananaBoobooboooboooooo said to khome visit!

    Welkhome to the world of DWB’s – we are fun – and khrazy too!



  3. Hello, Thundering Herd!!! We found out about you from Holly, and we’re glad we did! Welcome to DWB, there’s a lot of really nice dogs (and people!) here.

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl


  4. Hey Pups!
    I can see Stupid Opy has already been here stinkin up your cool blog Σ:o)

    Holly told me to swing by – Dog, she is Holly-Licious!

    Your blog is great and it sure looks like you live in a really nice part of the world!

    Luv C$

    P.S. Just so you don’t get scared, I am actually a Bionic dog and sometimes my super-powers scare pups, so If you see anything out of the ordinary on Dogs With Blogs, like big blue lightning bolts of pure labrador power, don’t worry, it’s just me doing what I do Σ:o)


  5. Hi puppers! Princess Hollybollybananaboo sent me! My name is Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat and I am an honorary husky. Welcome to the blogging world!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat


  6. Hey kids,
    Welcome to DWB! We’ve visited your page a couple of times, but never had a chance to leave a message before. Holly sent us back, so we’re glad to be able to say HI this time. We are SO jealous of where you live, we’re down here in swampy Florie-duh. Stop by our blog and say hi sometime. We’re gonna add you to our friends list (if the lazy mama ever gets round to updating our blog fur us.
    The RHP
    (Chili, Cracker, Mikki, Bama & Siris)
    PS, it’s so funny, mama calls us the thundering herd all the time!


  7. Hi Thundering Herd! Welcome to DWB! Holly sent us. We are new bloggers who live in a place called “VEGAS” that is way too hot for us huskies. Can we add your blog to our buddy list?

    WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe


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