How difficult can a photograph be?

As you saw yesterday, getting a photograph should be a fairly easy task.  Dog jumps up on a proper platform of some sort, in this case, a rock wall.  Background is provided courtesy of Mother Nature with bright slue skies, scattered white fluffy clouds, a beautiful summer mountain scenery.  All the dog has to do is look at the photographer and the picture is made.  Right?

Enter Queen Natasha the Evil.   Up on the rock wall.  Photographer steps back.  Whistle.  Look here!

Natasha Craggy 1

Oh, look, a bug over there.

Hey, kid!  Look at me.  Smile now.  Hold it, hold it . . .

Natasha Craggy 2

Ooooooh  – a bug on this side of the wall, too.

Look, kid, hold still now.  Look here at the camera.  I will make this quick.  Smile . . .

Natasha Craggy 3

Ooooooh look.  Bugs are down here, too.

Hey, Fuzzy Butt.  I mean, your Highness.  Don’t wander away.  Come back toward me.  Look at the camera.  And, now . . .

Natasha Craggy 4

Is that the same bug as earlier or a totally different one?

Argh.  Ok, forget the bugs.  Concentrate.  Hold it.  Now.

Natasha Craggy 5

Is that someone coming up the trail?

Ack!  Your siblings can do this.  How hard can it be?  Just stay on the wall, hold it, hold it, stay on the wall . . .

Natasha Craggy 6

I’m done.  Jump off the wall.

The real story is that I showed you only a very few of the many, many, many pictures I took.  Sadly, these are the ones where she was the most cooperative.  

Since she would not pose, here is a picture from 2005 I like.  Natasha with some storm clouds rolling in behind her.  How fitting.

Natasha 2005



  1. Wild Dingo on July 9, 2009 at 2:25 am

    OMG! I know that photo frustration. I have a blog post of my two modeling in my orange mini cooper for a photo contest. I got the Sibe to wear an orange boah and sun glasses but only for like 5 seconds. the GSD? he’d wear them for 5 days w/o moving if i told him to. for the sibe, i had to seriously up the ante of getting good posed shots. Paid her dearly in hot dogs. but got some very cute shots. it’s very hard being beautiful.

  2. Mike Stephenson on August 14, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    That was TOO funny . . . been there and felt the same frustration. They have minds of their own.

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