Sunday Travels – Part 3

Continued from yesterday . . .

Finished with the Devil, we move on down the road to Richland Balsam.  As I have mentioned before, this is a great little hike primarily because so few people hike it.  I rarely run into others on the trail and the dogs love all of closeness of the trails (i.e., far more to sniff at that is not all about people).

Toward the end of the trail is a section to sit and enjoy the long range views.  It is above another parking area on the Blue Ridge Parkway which is very crowded in the summer (because it is the highest point that the road itself reaches).  Here is a picture of Rusty enjoying the view:

Sunday Travels

And Kiska doing her sniffing the air move.  She is probably honing in on some wildlife that I never knew was there.

And Rusty in his usual happy go lucky moments.

And Qannik saying he is tired and just wants to nap for a few minutes please.

And at the end of the day, everyone is loaded back in the jeep for the ride home.  My mission is accomplished – a Tired Sibe is a Good Sibe (and Kiska is clearly being a good, sleepy Sibe).  Believe it or not, she was the last one loaded into the Jeep and the first one asleep.

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