Jul 182013

One of the entertaining things about having a youngster in the house is bed time. Let’s just say a certain young Typhoon wants to see how far he can extend time until he has to go to bed. Here is a typical evening.

In case you are curious, every other pup is in their crates to the left of the video. Only Frankie and Typhoon are still awake.

Enjoy Typhoon Bed Time!

  13 Responses to “Typhoon Bed Time”

  1. It’s a good thing that Typhoon and Otto live on opposite coasts…no one would effur sleep!

  2. It was almost like being at Khamp Khyra

    Of khourse, Khousin Geufy – I mean Harley – plays the role of Typhoon –

    And I’m Frankie!

    Khyra and Khousin Harley

  3. That was awesome! Thank you for sharing that video. I so miss my Aries. There is just something about sibes playing that is so fun to watch. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

  4. Gah! It’s like having a toddler! “Do I have to go to bed? Can I have a drink of water? Can I have another story? I haf to go to the bafroom. Can I have another story? I’m not sleepy. Don’t wanna go to bed! Can I sleep with you?” An hour later, the kid is finally asleep – you hope!

  5. Nice dog bed! Where’s yours? (smile)

  6. Ha ha ha! Well, a pup has to get in some exercise before he’s tired enough to go to sleep!

  7. I thought that’s when you played? :)

  8. The video doesn’t show the stop Typhoon made at the expresso shop before trying to go to sleep! But really this was an awesome video to watch. As the other comment stated nice doggy bed but where is the one for the hu-dad??? :)

  9. Love this so much! We adore Typhoon and the rest of the herd. Frankie is a perfect older brother. :-)

  10. Ayla sez: Me ‘n Ice kinda wish we HAD a little brother or sister to watch perform these antics. Ice is my Dad, and he’s eleven years old now, as of June 21st, and I’m nine years old as of July 13th. Sometimes gets kind of dull and boring around our place.

  11. What a great video! Frankie is setting such a good example despite Typhoon’s antics.

  12. Love the video. Ty reminds me of our 5month old pup, Chip with his big sisters.

  13. OMG, I want Typhoon! (or Frankie, sigh, Frankie!)

    Very interesting piece you chose for musical score. Culminated with a dramatic: YAWN!

    Though I have to admit i felt a little like i was watching Batman episodes: SHAKE! PLOP! SLAM!

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