Jul 172013
Waiting on the video

I am just waiting on the video the hu-dad worked on.

That’s right. The hu-dad worked on a new video for the website. Unfortunately, right when he was ready to load it, he noticed that the new website servers are throwing off some errors. Many of you have probably noticed some really slow server response times. Anyway, long story short, the hu-dad decided loading a new video was probably not smart until the server issues are fixed. With that, Typhoon has a suggestion.

Take a nap.

Everyone should just take a nap while hu-dad figures these things out.

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  5 Responses to “Waiting on the Video”

  1. A nap sounds good to me right now, but work calls, I’m afraid!

  2. Typhoon is a very smart boy!

  3. You are so creative!

  4. Awww AroOoOoO Everfurry body needs a break and snoozing is the best way to build up all your energy for your Hu dad’s next video <3

  5. Well a snooze is always good but a New Video is always the best! Those web servers are snoozing too on the job;) Will wait for the next video of the Herd! We always Love seeing them.


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