Mar 192013

Pardon the week of camping pictures, but we have a lot of photographs from our weekend and want to share them. Besides, you know how the week goes. Humans feed us breakfast, go earn more kibble, and come home and feed us dinner. It’s perfect, but not very photogenic.

Since the Herd Annex (the hu-grandmom’s dogs Ruby and Tartok) joined us for the weekend, we present Ruby Tuesday – Camping Style:

Herd walking

Yes, Ruby and Tartok joined The Herd on their camping trip (Frankie and Typhoon never quite joined the picture).

Cousins walking

And camping with the cousins always means lots and lots of walking time.

Trippy Trapp bridge

We even walked across some trippy-trapp bridges.


And we spent a lot of time napping, er, guarding our camping area.

Screen door

Of course, Ruby was also partial to her sentry spot from inside the RV.

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  5 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday – Camping Herd Annex Style”

  1. Great to see you Ruby and Tartok. I bet you all had a lot of fun camping. I love all the great pictures. I don’t care where you guys are as long as there are pictures of the herd and extended family that’s all that matters to me and I am sure everybody else. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

  2. Ruby always adds a dash of spice to things! I admit that I have a weakness for the redheads!

  3. Ayla sez: Hey, it’s great to see you guys camping with the rest of the Herd. Been awhile since we last saw you, Ruby and Tartok. Have missed you. Hope you get to go on more adventures with the Herd.

  4. Question for Hu-Dad,

    How do Ruby and Tartok feel about Frankie and Typhoon? Do they play together?

  5. That is some belt that Ruby and Tartok’s human is wearing. Our parents wear belts too, but I don’t think theirs are so fancy!


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