Jan 272013
Typhoon behind bars at Sibe Quentin

Sort of gives new meaning to Sibe Quentin, huh?

Typhoon behind bars at Sibe Quentin

Not that we are suggesting anything about some pup’s behavior some times.

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  11 Responses to “Behind Bars”

  1. He obviously was framed.

  2. All criminals belong BEHIND BARS! tee hee…

  3. Any Sibe that handsome couldn’t be be guilty of ANYTHING! He definitely DIDN’T do it, honest!

  4. He’ll beat the RAP!

  5. Get a puppy they said…

    Tee Hee. Frankie was such an easy fit am guessing little pup Typhoon is living up to his name?

  6. Guilty he is wearing a mask!

  7. Uh oh… hope you’re not in too much trouble, Typhoon.

  8. *ha-ha* This post made me laugh out loud this morning!!! I love it!!


  9. Oh, sure, sure! Blame the bi-eyed guy. Sheesh! He’s INNOCENT!!!
    Play bows,

  10. Typhoon: “Who, ME?!”

  11. “No zombies are sneaking into the prison while I’M on duty.”

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