Jan 152013

Funny thing happens on those rare moments when the Typhoon sleeps.


When he sleeps, the others grab a few moments to nap.


Ok, maybe not a nap. Snoring might be heard.


Who is ready for another game of tag / chase / wrestling?

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  10 Responses to “Tired Tuesday”

  1. *ha-ha* It was a good day for exactly that! In fact, the early evening enticed a nap from even me, which is rare. One minute I was in my comfy chair, reading, after having signed-off the computer for the day… and the next thing I knew I was waking up 90 mins later. That spells disaster for tonight’s sleep pattern but it was oh so well worth it this time.

    Maybe I need to play tag… or a game of chase… or wrestle… to get tired again. :)


  2. Probably the only chance the rest of the Herd HAS — to sleep while Ty is “zonked out”. Take it when/where you can get it!

  3. Oh the energy of youth!


  4. I’m thinking Typhoon may end up eventually being alpha male! He already looks like king of the castle in the last picture!

  5. And isn’t it funny how short those puppy naps are? Rest while you can, Herd!

  6. Aww-he is such a puppy! Cute cute cute! What a wonderful addition to the Herd. Sleep while you can, elder-Herd!

  7. Hu-Dad,

    Great nap pups! Rest up for more fun.

    Could I request for some close-up photos of Ty? I’d like to see his bi-color eyes. There are different shades of blue and brown, just curious to see what Ty’s are.

    Is Ty pretty confident of himself? Last photo does make him look like an alpha male.

  8. Me! Me! I wanna play!

  9. Does The Queen get the bed?

  10. I love Typhoon’s mask! It makes him look like a bandit.

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