Nov 302012
River 1

Every fisherdog has the story of the fish that got away.


Of course, it would never have gotten away from me if the hu-dad had not insisted on this blasted leash.


I would have been in the river and with a fish dinner.


Not watching it swim away.

  3 Responses to “The One That Got Away”

  1. Now, if that had been Chinook, the SiberKid my hu-Mom and Dad had before they adopted me ‘n Ice, your hu-Dad would’ve been right in the river with her. She’d have made one flying lunge, and the hu-Dad would’ve gone in, dog, rope, and all. Me’n Ice don’t like water at all.

  2. I really think you could have gotten the fish. It would have been like you were a grizzly bear, and could catch fish in your mouth as they jump out of the water. Darn humans! Always ruining the fun.

  3. Mmm… fish.
    What is it with bipeds and leashes?
    Play bows,

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