Nov 172012

Why are you on the computer? Are we going hiking soon?

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  10 Responses to “Kiska Question”

  1. Hurry up Hu-Dad!

    Don’t make her send QNTE ;-)


  2. BOL – oh, we get that a lot!


  3. Only the beautiful Kiska asks about this? I would think the pack would influence you even more. Do they draw bones to see who goes to ask? I can see it now: “No, Kiska, you go, I went last time.”


  4. They’re smarter than we are… keep it simple, keep moving, enjoy the moment.

  5. I am getting that same look from Zoe!

  6. I get that “look” from Ice ‘n Ayla all the time, too!

  7. Uh, oh…sounds like my house!

  8. Hello! I absolutely love your blog and your beautiful dogs! I love that they are all rescues and that you promote adoption. Adopting is the best! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. The scenery where you live is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  9. I hope you got him motivated, Kiska!

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