Regal Rusty Day

Rusty 1
Rusty here. I noticed the photographer, so here I am posing and looking regal.
Rusty 2
Nothing like your own focus day on the blog to make you feel special.
Kiska enters
Hey, who is this interloper?
Kiska oops
Oops. Did I photobomb Rusty’s day?

8 thoughts on “Regal Rusty Day

  1. Awesome…Roo’s day!! (and fluffy Kiska too, who’s ears crack me up and just make me want to hug her)(i know, she’s shy around people)
    Happy to see Roo out and about playing for a bit in the yard.

  2. Me ‘n Ice both agree that you’re “special” any day, Rusty. Even Kiska’s bursting into the picture can’t take that away from you!

  3. Dear Prince Rusty!

    I believe that interloper might be your beloved sister Princess Kiska. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Your new quarters are looking very smashing!


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