Oct 222012

First thing on Monday morning, it is important to figure out which way you want to go.

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  7 Responses to “Seeking Direction”

  1. (Ayla sez) Well, Frankie, if you’re smart, you’ll find out which direction The Queen is going, and make sure you go in the opposite direction. At least START the week by avoiding trouble.

  2. Frankie, I think you have to trust your own moral compass!

  3. Every time I see Frankie, I would bet my last dog biscuit that he is our Oakley’s sibling! They are so similar in looks and antics.

    p.s. Love the compass inlay…beautiful!!

  4. “North” is where huskies want to go!

  5. We’d love to head back to bed!


  6. Go in the direction of the food, Frankie!

  7. Great advice Frankie! So many just start off running with no clue!

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