Project Day – The Story

We know we have been teasing you since Sunday about a certain amount of damage done at Chez Herd and the subsequent repairs.  Well, it is time for the big reveal.  But, before we do that, our hu-dad believes that all newer readers need to go read about Frankencouch.  We are not sure what that has to do with this story, but click on that link and read it.  We will wait on you.

Rusty - waiting patiently while you read

Welcome back.  For some reason, the hu-dad keeps talking about a group of furry creatures who should be very thankful that they are cute.  We don’t know who those creatures are, but we did learn some new things this past weekend.  And, no, we do not mean the HBO words that our hu-dad uttered.  We learned some new rules around the house.  For example:


Kodiak examines the screen door.

Did you know that the screen door is supposed to actually have the screens fully intact?  Frankly, we thought that the purpose of a screen door was to let air flow and the removal of said screen actually increased air flow.  Not to mention, the lack of a screen lets cool bugs and birds into the dog area which greatly increases the entertainment factor for us.  Not that we benefited or participated in any way in the removal of said screens.


The porch railings.

Did you know that the pickets on a porch railing are actually not meant to be chew toys?  Nor are they to be removed from the railing and used to chase your brothers and sisters around the dog area.  Matter of fact, you are not even supposed to remove the screen from that porch railing because it is ALSO supposed to keep the bugs and birds out.  Woo, pups, we were totally unaware of all of these rules.


Another view - with the dog door (or lack of dog door)

Now here is one we are still working on.  Did you know that removing the dog door flap from the dog door is a house rule violation?  Even if that speeds your ability to run through the now wide open dog door opening.  Apparently that is really helpful if you are carrying, say, a picket from a porch railing in your mouth.  Not that we know anything about that.

Oh, and you are not to throw the now ripped up dog door flap at your brothers and sisters. Just saying.  That, apparently, is a major demerit.


What are you doing, hu-dad? Why did you remove our chew toys, errrr, the pickets?

By the way, while the hu-dad is repairing these things, he is not amused when you try to help by carrying materials off and stuff.  Oh, yeah, we also learned the “Lowe’s 2 trip” rule.  Apparently, the hu-dad can never do any home repair, er,  improvement project with only one trip to Lowe’s.  It takes at least two trips because some item has been forgotten.  Can not imagine what else is on his mind to make him so forgetful.


Qannik is pointing out that the hu-dad forgot to buy something at Lowe's.

Notice in the above picture the snow coming down.  Apparently, that makes outdoor work “exciting.”  Oh, and notice the heavy duty wire on the porch railings and new screen door.  The sales person at Lowe’s was apparently amused at the heavy duty wire the hu-dad was buying and asked exactly what kind of animals the hu-dad was trying to contain.  We thought that was really funny.


The final product late Sunday afternoon.

New pickets for the porch railing.  New screen door. New dog door. Heavy duty wire on everything.  For some reason, the hu-dad says this is coming out of our allowance, but we still have no idea why.


Good job, hu-dad. What are we going to do for fun next weekend?


  1. Holly & Khady says

    I must admit, the Frankencouch has been our favorite story for years!!

    Maybe your dad should have bought wrought iron instead of screens and wood pickets. I bet that would keep those evil, chewing, destructive squirrels out!


  2. simcha says

    whenever we see a much loved, destuffed couch, we always call in frankencouch thanks to woo!

    we don’t think we’ve ever seen pics of the fencing around the dog yard. WOW that is some set up. Woo would faint away if woo saw the measly fence that keeps us three pups inside. Do the dogs all have access out when woo are not at home?

    and BTW…which pup did all this?

  3. says

    Wow, love the Franencouch story and pix! You guys are lucky you have such a handy and understanding hu-dad! I’m afraid if Mack and I did that kind of damage, we might be looking for a home elsewhere, ha ha ha. Love the concrete furniture idea!

    Thanks for sharing,
    MInnie and Mack

  4. says

    Loved the Franencouch story and thanks for waiting while I read it. We thinks you must have had intruders who destroyed your porch. We know that with such sweet facees likes yours, you would never do such a thing. And it always takes our dad 2-3 trips to Lowes for everything. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  5. says

    The aliens must have visited. Who else could do that much damage during one outing by their humans? I wonder who the ringleader was (of the aliens of course)?

    That is truly amazing… I can just imagine the shock of your humans when they arrived home.

  6. says

    Okay, I’m going to be late to work now, but it was totally worth it! *wipes away tears of mirth* Oh, the Hu-Dad is severely outnumbered here! I am shocked that he did not appreciate all you help in trying to beautify the porch! I mean, after seeing that Frankencouch, it it obvious that he needs some help in the aesthetic area of things!

  7. says

    My hubby and I have experienced that type of trip to Lowe’s. You know- the I need the “HEAVY-DUTY” version of everything. “Do you think this will withstand 2 Boxers and 2 German Shepherds?” When we bought a Google TV- “How much is a replacement remote because our dogs like to chew?”. We are using a Frankencouch right now due to toy searching in the cushion, bone hiding in the cushions, and ink pen chewing on the cushion. Good thing they are all so cute!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  8. Carolyn says

    I wonder if I can get enough straw to fill my backyard–I love their play area! And sweet Rusty, I am sure he and the others would also love to know who did that to their beloved porch and door. Scary!

  9. says

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! *ahem* Are those rules POSTED anywhere? I mean, we looked very closely at ALL the pictures, and nowhere did we see a sign that mentioned any of those rules. I cry foul! (Or fowl, if the screen door is de-screened….) Talk about changing the rules in the middle of the game! *sheesh* BTW, nice work, Herd! Maybe the hu-dad should hire you out as a demolition team. (It might help him recoup some of his Lowes expenses…) Heehee. Very nice work, indeed. We are humbled to be in your (virtual) presence!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  10. jack & moo says

    Woo-hoo, woo pups really know how to have fun!!! Congrats on the custom remodeling job, too bad hu-dad had to go & fix it. We think your dad & ours must be from the same litter – ours is always fixing things too, and like yours, really doesn’t appreciate our help in the process.
    He’s already had to replace both dog doors he installed a few months ago – who knew that “heavy duty” doesn’t necessarily mean “husky-proof?”

    jack & moo

    • Susan says

      My mental picture after reading this comment is a re-make of the old Cyndi Lauper video “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” starring the Herd.

  11. says

    Do you give lessons?

    We are not very good at tearing things up, consequently our human has a lot of extra time on his hands. You know the rule, idle hands…….. Trips to the hardware store are one of the best ways to entertain a human.

    Maybe you could give us a few tips on how to keep the humans entertained.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  12. The OP Pack says

    Ummm, what is wrong with the hu-Dad???? Did he forget that the Herd is composed of a certain breed that does not have the word “rules” in its repertoire of words??? OMD, you guys must have been celebrating Mardi Gras way early.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. says

    BOL! I hope you pups figure out who the furry cute creatures are that did all that damage, er, redecorating. They seem like a fun bunch to hang with!

    The Frankencouch story was hilarious!


  14. says

    Oh yeah… remember Juno’s bust out when Mr. Wild Dingo tried to make soemthing with Wood to keep her in? LOL. as if. we ended up with strong chicken wire ourselves. damn sibes…

    so was that done all in one day? or over time?

    and the frankencouch still kills me, every time. like huskies need a sofa! LOL.

  15. HUSKYS RULE says

    OMG…TO FUNNY!!!!! We must have had the same cute furry creatures on our back porch (they really liked the screen)!!! “Design by Husky” could by you new business TH!!!

    Licks & Nibbles,
    Kody & Nia

  16. says

    Well, I’m just mightily impressed by the hu-dad’s fix-it skills. I love the dog door in the fence! And your re-upholstery skills, while perhaps not aesthetically pleasing, are a force to be reckoned with. HGTV, look over here, there’s a definite show in the making!

  17. says

    How dare those khats get away with this!

    Innocent – all khanines are innocent!

    PeeEssWoo: BTW, did he figure out what khombo of foods and treats khaused this ‘dream’? I mean, it khouldn’t have happened – I bet all of woo are still asleep!

  18. says

    Wow! Suddenly Chez Herd has LOTS of rules…we always thought of you all as so easy going! Now hu-dad can put up a sign like they do in advertising stuff at the store: NEW & IMPROVED! AND you helped stimulate the local economy! Its win win win all around!

    But, team? You really SHOULD have done a better job at chasing those squirrels out before so much damage was done.

  19. Lisa alias Sitka's Mom says

    I am sure you were not to happy by the remodeling The Herd did but I sure did enjoy your story & pics. They both just cracked me up!!!!

  20. says

    It’s all the hu-dad’s fault. He hasn’t provided the Herd with enough snow to play in this winter.

    (2 trips to Lowes? we’re usually at least 3!!)

  21. Stella says

    I don’t quite get what was so wrong about everything that it needed all these repairs! Door, screens gone, faster in and out! Same for dog door, zip, zip in and out! Porch Pickets, not needed at any time. You must have just caught your hu-dad on a bad day, feeling crabby about something and pounding on things felt good to him. Whatta silly guy!


  22. says

    Impressive repair work and impressive destruction!!

    I had to laugh at the 2-trip visits to Lowe’s. My husband is exactly the same. He will get home and get all his supplies lined out only to realize he has forgotten something. funny man!

    You have quite a great setup for your pups. Bravo!

  23. says

    It must have been squirrels…giant, mutant squirrels that did that then they blamed YOU! I mean, what adorable, loving, obedient puppy(ies) would do such a thing?? Yous all were FRAMED!! Free the HERD!!

  24. Carol from Down Under says

    Oh that was funny. I thought for a moment you had a photo of our screen door. We have also had the same problem with the screens on our windows when during past times, our danes had poked their heads through the screen to have a look. The duct tape is an excellent fixer too. No worries, love Carol.

  25. says

    We’re sure guys couldn’t possibly have caused all those things to happen to your dog area, just like you guys couldn’t have caused all that damage to your couches! It must have been a different creature that sneaks in and makes it look like you guys did it!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper

  26. Rya says

    Hey hu-dad, Hows the new screens and porch door working for ya?
    Psssst Rusty….Give me the REAL lowdown on it! Blame it ALL on those silly squirrels, it works for us!
    Rya & Shamook

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