Welcome to The Thundering Herd, our personal web page.  This website is dedicated to The Thundering Herd – a team of misbehaving Siberian Huskies (I know, that is redundant) and their hapless bi-ped leaders.  Try as we might, keeping this Herd under control is usually a very futile effort.

With the stories of the dogs, I also post a number of pictures of and write about trails in the Western North Carolina mountains.  We are fortunate to live in Maggie Valley, NC, and take full advantage of all of the amazing areas to take dogs.  So, if you are in the area, hope to see you on the trails! (And please keep your dog under control at all times on trails.  The Great Smoky Mountain National Park has already banned dogs from trails, but the other parks and forests in the area have not.  Dogs can not – and should not – be out of your control and should never harass wildlife.  Please help us all continue to use the trails by showing respect and concern for others!)

To help you navigate through the site, the key links are listed at both the top of each page and are summarized below:

News / Blog

- Everyone has to have a blog, right?  Well, of course The Herd has a blog. Keep up with the latest news and events and, well, crazy things that The Herd does.


- Meet The Herd, both current and past.  Each dog has their own dedicated bio page.  By the way, you will also note that each member of the Current Herd’s picture is shown in the right column. Clicking on that picture will take you directly to their respective bio page.


- When we originally created the website, we did not have a blog and simply had a page of favorite stories. When we added the blog, we chose to leave these personal favorite stories.  The one that gets asked about the most is Frankencouch (and it has been posted on many non-Siberian websites). We will also memorialize the most popular blog posts to this stories section.


- Sometimes, a picture is simply not enough.  Videos have the great ability to share the true character and, well, noise, associated with The Thundering Herd. You can also visit our video page on Youtube.

Contact Us

- Feel free to drop us a line.  I try to read all of the email everyday and reply to as many as possible.  Alternatively, you can post a comment under the News for everyone to see, but Contact Us is strictly private between you and me.

If you are interested in owning a Siberian, please read everything you can about this, or any, breed before adopting.  A Siberian Husky is a working dog and will bring you nothing but frustration if you are not ready for what that means.  AND, please adopt from your local rescue or shelter.  Fantastic, pure bred dogs are available everyday. A listing of Siberian Husky Rescue organizations can be found here.  If you would like some guidance or advice on how to do so, please contact me.  I am always willing to help connect you to a great rescue organization!

Hang out all you want, feel free to send us a message, and enjoy the dogs antics.  We will continually work to expand the website so that we can keep you entertained.  And, I have absolutely no doubt, more stories will be posted as they happen.