Boom Boom


We had long been friends with Southern Siberian Rescue, but had never adopted from them. After the loss of Natasha, we loaded up five members of the Herd and drove east past Raleigh to see if someone would fit into The Herd. Landon, a bouncy year old puppy, quickly made friends with everyone and made the trip back home with us on Sunday, October 16, 2016.


Playful, full of energy, and bouncy. Quite bouncy. Landon can't walk from one point to the other, but nor does he exactly run. He bounds like a kangaroo. The nickname Boom Boom comes from this behavior as he was accused of going Boom, Boom, Boom all over the house.

Despite the high energy, Landon also has a strong desire to please. Offered a treat, he will go into a series of poses that he learned at one point - sit, down, beg. Unfortunately, he doesn't wait on the commands - he just does the motions.


Talkative. No, that doesn't quite cover it - motor mouth. He woos his pleasure and his discontent. And, yes, he can scream. His racket is a near constant stream of background noise around the house. Sitting in the waiting room at the vet with Landon is quite the experience since he chatters constantly to everyone else in the room.

Where he sleeps

Crate. Oh, sure, he loves to snuggle in bed for a few minutes, but then he gets bored and goes exploring. Exploring never ends well. Thus, he sleeps in his crate.

Favorite activities

Car rides! Who needs a siren when Landon is sounded excited in the car? Everyone who lives anywhere near us knows when we are headed out for a car ride or coming back home.

And hanging out with his big brother, Frankie Suave. He adores Frankie and is always found within a few feet of Frankie, usually waiting on him to wake up from a nap so that they can play.

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