In two different houses, I have built a sunroom that has become a dog room. In the first house, I really planned it as a sun room, but the dogs, dog beds, etc., took over. In the second house, I planned it as a dog room and there was no doubt of its purpose.

But being the silly owner, I decided the dogs should be comfortable, so I gave them the couch and loveseat and chair from the old den as their personal dog couches. What I envisioned was something like this (No, this is MY couch and they are on it only when I am there):

And, of course, my goal was to never get the poor abused dog having to sleep on hard furniture, such as this:

So, you want to see the end result of my being nice and giving them actual furniture in their room? First, a disclaimer. Yes, I am a guy. So everything can be fixed with Duct Tape. Well, almost everything.

The Couch

The Loveseat

My Favorite Chair

The Replacement Couch – December 4, 2006

The Replacement Couch – December 17, 2006

The New Furniture

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