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Not Sleeping Here

October 21, 2021

Been something of a busy week for the Hu-Dad which means it’s been something of a boring week for us. Frankie Suave, though, would like to make it crystal clear that he was not sleeping here no matter how much it looks like Hu-Dad startled him by coming back into the study. Nope, Mr. Suave is wide awake, totally alert, and absolutely not using the desk leg as a pillow.

Planning A Climbing Trip

October 19, 2021

The rest of us had come inside for the evening, but Roscoe wanted to stay outside. Hu-Dad asked him why he was taking so long. The look says it all—Roscoe was planning a climbing trip. Not a mountain, of course, or a rock cliff. No, Roscoe has tired of the nattering tree rats and has decided he wants to go catch a noisy squirrel. Treats may have been involved to convince him to come inside instead.

Double Trouble Brothers Plotting Again

October 17, 2021

Hu-Dad’s suspicions grew when the double trouble brothers met in the backyard and whispered between each other. Hu-Dad suggested they might try behaving for the rest of the day just for the fun of it, but Typhoon has long claimed bad boys have more fun. As for Roscoe, whatever his bestest buddy is doing is what he wants to be doing. Mischief will begin soon.

Don’t Get Involved

October 16, 2021

Our elder statesdog, Frankie Suave, can control his younger brothers whenever he wants to. A subtle glance, a not-so-subtle stare, or, on the very rare occasion, a rumbling growl is all it takes to tell them to behave. Frankie, though, picks and chooses the moments he steps up. Otherwise, he leaves them to their mischief the rest of the time. After all, he reasons, if their trouble-making ways don’t impact him, the best course of action is don’t get involved.

Caption This: A Momentarily Serious Roscoe

October 15, 2021

Hu-Dad sat in his chair on the back patio as we conducted our serious Siberian business of preventing a rabbit, chipmunk, or squirrel invasion. Hu-Dad read aloud our weekend weather forecast that included much cooler temperatures and the first real hint of the winter to come. Roscoe seemed quite interested in the upcoming days and marched over to the Hu-Dad for details. But, Dear Readers, it’s Caption This Friday, so what did Roscoe actually say? Let’s hear your creative suggestions.

Secret Water Station

October 14, 2021

You might think that Landon’s exuberant behavior doesn’t support his ability to keep important details from others. Maybe that bouncy Boom Boom behavior is all a mysterious facade to hide his devious ways. Or, more likely, his bounciness allows him to clear the hedge and discover the secret water station Hu-Dad doesn’t want us to know about. Either way, he was quite disappointed to find it’s been drained for the winter and no refreshment is waiting for him. Alas, he may be forced to drink from the official water buckets.

Bright Glare Of Royalty

October 12, 2021

Hu-Dad mumbles something about busyness he has to do and looming deadlines, but that has little impact on our helpfulness. Just yesterday, Hu-Dad told His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey to hurry up and come inside. The shocked look you see above was the response. We call it the bright glare of royalty. Guess who won that staring match.

Boring Busyness

October 10, 2021

With a book launch just over a week away, Hu-Dad is slaving away on his computer. Hu-Dad looked under his desk and saw Frankie Suave had taken advantage of the situation and made himself quite comfortable. Don’t worry, though, because the sun has reappeared and we convinced the Hu-Dad to go outside for a nice, long walk yesterday afternoon. Even Frankie woke up for that.

Sunshine Smile

October 9, 2021

The whole region has had a foot of rain this week, so we are soggy and tired of gloomy skies. Fortunately, our weather breaks today and sunshine is forecasted to return. The pile of muddy towels can be laundered, which brings smiles to our Hu-Dad. And the opportunity for long sessions of outdoor games brings canine smiles. Yes, it’s sunshine smiles all around here at Chez Herd today. Happy Saturday! P.S. – Roscoe would like to apologize for the Malamute ears, but he’s too happy to keep them in Siberian formation.

Caption This: Enough Soggy Weather

October 8, 2021

We woke yesterday morning to the sound of rain drumming on the roof. We know many of you are begging for it, but we’ve had enough soggy weather for a while. When the dogs went outside. they each paused at the edge of the patio with the same look of disgust Roscoe has. But it’s Friday and time to have some fun, so it’s your turn to caption this photo. What did Roscoe say?