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Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

December 4, 2008 |

I would love to claim that I was trying to get this effect for the picture, but I must blame low light, slow shutter speed, and dogs in a hurry:

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December 3, 2008 |

Ok, now we are mad. No, not about the snow.  We love the snow.  We have snow up to our fuzzy, errr, tails and we are having a blast.  We are delirious about the snow.  We are running everywhere in the snow.  We are digging in the snow.  Even “I don’t like to be cold…

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Rainy Weekend

December 1, 2008 |

Yep, pretty rainy weekend, but that never deters the Herd.  Always up for their walks: And for those of you amused with the way Rusty walks behind humans, be aware he does it to the canines as well:

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Algebraic Equation of the Day

November 29, 2008 |

6 Siberian Huskies + 2 Humans + 1 S-RV + Steady Rain = ?

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Rusty Clowning Around

November 28, 2008 |

Our friend Dannan commented that he did not know of a Siberian that gets cold. Well, Rusty would be the one.  He absolutely loves the snow, but hates the cold.  He will burrow under blankets and even is known to pull a blanket over him when he is sleeping.  And, best of all, on cold…

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Short Work Weeks

November 26, 2008 |

We have really whiny humans.  You see, they took Thursday and Friday off last week and took us to the beach.  And this week, they also get Thursday and Friday off because of Thanksgiving.  So where is the complaint?  They say they have to work so hard this Monday through Wednesday to make up for…

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Huntington Beach State Park

November 22, 2008 |

Since everyone enjoyed yesterday’s video, here is one from this morning’s walk on the beach:

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And Now for Something Completely Different

November 21, 2008 |

With our apologies to Monty Python for the title of this blog: Yes, that is sunrise over the beach.  Myrtle Beach SC.  The Herd was totally confused since we have snow on the ground at home, but we took off to the beach for a long weekend.  And here is the cool part.  The Herd…

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Shadow and Skyler

November 18, 2008 |

Hello to Shadow and Skyler of Nashville, TN – two beautiful Siberian friends.  And how do I know them? In order to keep The Herd well fed, with couches and beds to lay on, and vet bills paid, I have to work.  And my work requires me to travel.  Monday morning, I was getting onto…

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Corneal Infiltrates

November 16, 2008 |

Sorry for the technical title, but, during Natasha’s vet visit on Friday, we identified that she has Bi-Lateral (i.e., both eyes) Corneal Infiltrates (essentially the build up of fatty material in the cornea).  This is somewhat common in Siberian Huskies, but usually something detected when they are younger, not 5 1/2 years old like Natasha. When my vet…

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I’ve Got Your Back

November 13, 2008 |

Kiska and Natasha proving they have each others back.

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Halloween Mask

November 12, 2008 |

Ok, Halloween is over, but exactly what is Cheoah doing?  She hooks her upper lip on the crate and holds this look.  Expressing her dissatisfaction?  Practicing growling without straining a muscle?  Just being a kid and making faces?  Your best guess?

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