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lousy guard dogs playing in snow

Why Siberian Huskies Make Lousy Guard Dogs

Despite their wolfish appearance, most Siberian Husky owners will tell you they make lousy guard dogs. Here is a classic example.
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Christmas Decorating Siberian Style

Pets and Christmas decorating do not always mix quite well, but I wasn't quite prepared for this level of assistance from Nikita and Natasha.
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almost outside

Almost Outside

One of the greatest parts of working with dogs is dealing with canine logic. Sometimes, they are so close - or, in this case, almost outside.
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mushroom incident

Mushroom Incident

When you own dogs for many years, you will be confronted with the sometimes baffling veterinarian moments - like our own mushroom incident.
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Dog IQ Test

After discovering a dog IQ test, we decided to attempt it with the Terrible Trio. We would like to say the results were surprising, but they weren't.
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Nikita catch

Games Siberians Play – Catch

A bored Siberian Husky can be quite creative to keep herself entertained, as Nikita did in a game of catch with a less than happy turtle.
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Nikita - Our original escape artist

Escape Artist

My first Siberian Husky, Nikita, taught me much about living with this fun and frustrating breed, including their well-deserved reputation as an escape artist.
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