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Journey to the Center of the Earth

October 14, 2008 | 7

For those who do not understand the love that a Siberian has for digging, I present Kodiak:   By the … Read moreJourney to the Center of the Earth


October 13, 2008 | 2

Qannik wants to be clear.  This is his water bowl.  Period.  Questions? P.S. – Don’t worry.  There are several water … Read moreMine!

Rusty made it

October 12, 2008 | 5

Kayla and Maebe asked after yesterday’s post if Rusty was ever successful in settling into a perfect sleeping spot.  We … Read moreRusty made it

Going, going . . .

October 11, 2008 | 7

Our day started out rainy and foggy, but ended up a beautiful, cool fall day.  So, of course, we went … Read moreGoing, going . . .

Fall Friday

October 10, 2008 | 5

Ready for the color update from my front porch?  Here are pictures from the last three weeks: Friday September 26 … Read moreFall Friday

Eye Drops

October 7, 2008 | 8

Cheoah is subjected to the same vet screening as any newbie to The Herd.   As we learned with Kodiak, even … Read moreEye Drops

Tourist Poses

October 6, 2008 | 5

You know how when you go on vacation, you always take a picture or two of yourself standing beside some … Read moreTourist Poses

Tartok’s Tricks

October 5, 2008 | 4

You may remember The Herd’s cousin Tartok from the Slumber Party or from hanging out in the Jeep or even … Read moreTartok’s Tricks

Fall II

October 4, 2008 | 5

A week ago, I posted this picture I had taken from my front porch showing just the first hint of … Read moreFall II

Big Brothers

September 30, 2008 | 9

Cheoah has discovered that one of the great things about being a part of The Herd is having a big … Read moreBig Brothers

Faces of Kiska

September 29, 2008 | 7

The pictures of Kiska always show her laughing and smiling (except in the rain) like this: But there is another … Read moreFaces of Kiska

Walking in the Rain

September 28, 2008 | 5

In a nod to our pal, Khyra, we present Walking Wednesday, except its Saturday, if that makes any sense.  It … Read moreWalking in the Rain