Since we went to the beach last weekend, we know everyone has been anticipating the Walking Wednesday Beach Edition, so here it is. Enjoy:

Whining is a very specialized art that must be practiced.  Since each member of The Herd adds their own unique talents to the group, Cheoah has been elected as Whiner-in-Chief.  Not just because she can be loud – and she can be loud, but because she has incredible persistence.  The video proof:

We were really not trying to copy the same joke from just last week.  Rusty was actually giving us a very serious pose that we were planning to use for a totally different purpose (and may yet do so).  But this picture is just too perfect. So, Rusty, what do you think about ending the

Can I tell you about our day? Sure, I could show you pictures of us walking on the beach and will do that before the end of the post.  But, first, here is something we found far more interesting.  The State Park Service has built a walkway between the camping area to the beach to

We knew that a lot of pups wanted to keep track of our beach weekend, but this is ridiculous.  After a long and eventful day (apparently, there are pictures of us in Historic Charleston again that may appear later in the week), we were taking a quiet and leisurely stroll down the beach at sunset.

We were so ready for a walk.  Ok, we had a walk near the house before we left, but once loaded in the RV, it is a six-hour drive to the beach.  Add a couple of stops at rest areas to exchange pee-mails and a couple of stops for the humans, and it made for

Why is Kiska looking so happy?  Because we are on an S-RV trip to the beach!  Yep, we are headed for a long weekend of sand, surf, and fun.  Will keep you posted!

Sorry that so many of you had hot and humid weather, or, worse, tornados this past weekend.  We were fortunate and had a spectacular cool spring weekend: We hiked a portion of the Mountain to Sea Trail , a 1,000 mile long (not completed) hiking trail stretching from Clingman’s Dome on the North Carolina / Tennessee

A collection of blog awards that other bloggers have given to us – along with some photographs from a very early Herd when Nikita was the only Siberian.

The weather was perfect.  Few clouds in the sky.  Warm, but not hot, temperatures.  A constant cool breeze.  Kodiak’s only question was why oh why did the weekend have to end. Pbbbbbbbbbbbt!

WARNING – The following story contains graphic images and may not be suitable for all readers.  Especially if you are a stuffie. Our humans visited Cousin Tartok last night (well, and our hu-grandparents, but we are sure Tartok was the real reason for their visit).  Cheoah did not get to visit this time, so we

It is a clear, sunny Saturday. Guess what we are going to do all day?