We have told you before how Natasha is our resident navigator.  Her seat belt is immediately behind the passenger seat of the Jeep so that she can move between “her” window (shared with Rusty who only gets the window when she does not want it) and the middle of the front seat where she can

We felt outnumbered.  Seriously, just like our human.  Something about he was so busy this weekend that he did not check in on everyone’s blogs, so he logged in Sunday night and discovered that many of you wrote a lot.  Wowsers.  He said never again.  He will never fall behind again.  Well, unless of course,

What a beautiful fall weekend.  The air was a little crisp, but the rains let up and we were able to enjoy lots of hiking.  Woooos for that. At one of our spots this weekend, we got to meet this handsome fellow.  Unfortunately, our hu-dad totally forgot the boys name.  He remembers that he is

Happiness is a soft, fluffy pillow Even if it is your brother, Qannik

Hey, Dad? Ready to go hiking?

The ski resort behind our house is missing a key element – SNOW

We told you earlier this week that we were visiting the ranch above our house.  They obviously knew we were coming because as we entered the ranch, there was a greeting committee. Trust us when we say that these were very big and, well, smelly dogs.  By the way, notice everyone in the sideview mirror

Enjoying the long weekend, our humans were able to get a parking space in front of one of their favorite downtown Waynesville dining spots for lunch on Monday.  Smoky Mountain Cafe is right on Main Street and our humans even scored an outdoor table so they were able to eat just a few feet away

We have complained before about the lousy service we get from our human staff.  Here we were enjoying our holiday weekend when we casually asked them about the thank you post to Lucky Luke and Bleu.  You know, for his  500th post winner.  The silence was deafening.  Uh, you remember that giant package that we

The weather has been cool, but with some showers a couple of times a day.  We woke up Sunday morning to low hanging clouds and a drizzly rain.  While that may not appeal to everyone, we really enjoy the weather – especially the views off of our front porch.  Don’t you love the clouds clinging

Has it really been a week since Ruby came to live with our Cousin Tartok?  Our humans went by there last night, and brought us a few pictures.  Sounds like The Herd Annex is continuing to, well, nap a whole lot. Ruby – You looking at me? Tartok – Can you tell I am trying

Qannik and Kiska – Positions in the Jeep are claimed Of course The Rooster is smiling for a Jeep ride But even Queen Natasha is smiling at the thought of a long weekend Catching some wind in the back of the Jeep Hoping everyone in the USA is having a great holiday weekend.  We will