Over at The Thundering Herd Annex (our hu-grandparents house), Tartok was always the angelic Siberian that never gets onto furniture.  Ruby has no such inhibition.  In fact, she has claimed a blue arm chair in the den as her personal chair.  Just one problem.  Not all of the humans respect that that is HER chair.

Our humans went over to our hu-grandparents again Saturday night which meant they got to see Ruby and Tartok, our cousins of The Thundering Herd Annex.  Notice how you can’t actually see our hu-dad’s feet because of the smart camouflage socks that he is wearing.  What an incredible fashion sense he has.  But this post

Friday afternoon and evening, we received almost an inch of rain.  Saturday morning, we had clear blue skies, but some pretty strong winds.  You can see that most of the colors are gone at the higher elevations, though still plenty of color at 2000′ to 3000′.  This picture is taken from almost 6000′ and is

Qannik is sitting on Richland Balsam enjoying his time with The Herd.  He loves his family, because his previous life was harsh.  When we adopted him, his ears were bare from fly bites, his neck had open cuts from where he had a rope tied around his neck, and his feet were mangled from standing

Normally, when we are having a howlfest and the human tries to get it on camera, we shut up.  Not this time.  We were way too much into the song and he got us.  A lot.  But we did have one last laugh.  Well, a laugh in addition to the muddy paw prints on the

Rusty – Hey mister, are you trying to get some pictures? How is that close range focusing on that camera?

Rusty – Want to see the close up of this pickle nose? Still closer? An inch away from nose print on the camera, bud! Cheoah – You really think two can’t play this game? Check out the blue dot in the eye.  Cool, huh?

From our front porch – the mountain range looks frosty The ridge tops were glistened Even the edges of our dog yard got a dusting of snow But as our buddy Bricey of many nicknames said, there is barely enough to snooter So Cheoah improvised with her patented slide Making sure both sides were covered

We showed you this tree about a month ago Here is that same tree a week ago Here is that tree – and the Red Team – yesterday

Last year, we received our first measurable snow fall on October 27.  When we woke up this morning, here was the scene: Our view of the ridge is obscured by fog, but we can see a little snow on leaves For some reason, we have a “no fur” car.  Why?  At least you can see

We have told you the story of finding Ruby and hooking her up with the perfect home, with our hu-grandparents and our cousin Tartok.  Now we need to tell you the real fun.  You see, Tartok is too incredibly well behaved to be a Siberian Husky.  He does not get on furniture or counter surf