Roscoe P. Coltrane


After losing Kiska and Qannik within two weeks of each other, we needed to add some energy back to the house. We visited our friends at Southern Siberian Rescue to meet a couple of options. As always, the current members of the Herd must approve of any additions which, in our current situation, meant the curmudgeon himself, Typhoon, had to approve. The Little Prince took an immediate liking to Roscoe and the others agreed, so Roscoe came home with us November 17, 2018.


He reminds us a great deal of Kodiak, aka, The Big Galoot—easy-going, good-natured, and happy to be a part of the pack. He has quickly become a daddy's boy, always wanting to be able to keep an eye on the Hu-Dad and quite unhappy when separated. And he loves his walks.


And amazing ranges of vocal expression from deep woos to high pitched squeals, especially as he sees a meal being prepared.

Where he sleeps

As he still learning the rules of the house, he is sleeping in his crate. Naps during the day are in Hu-Dad's study as close as possible.

Favorite activities

Meals, walks, hanging with Hu-Dad, and playing with his buddy, Typhoon.

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