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Totally Innocent – Film Friday

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Hu-Dad works from his study in our house, but sometimes has to come out and investigate noises from totally innocent members of The Herd.

Don't we look totally innocent?
Don’t we look totally innocent?

This might be a little shocking, but Hu-Dad always assumes we are the creators of ruckus in the house. We do our best to convince him that we would never, never, never cause problems, but he still has moments where he doubts our angelic faces.

Apparently, that is especially true when the Herd members in questions are Typhoon and Cheoah. They seem to have a – totally underserved – reputation as mischief makers. We thought we would dispel that myth in this week’s Film Friday.

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3 thoughts on “Totally Innocent – Film Friday

  1. Where is the dirt and sticks that the huskies bring in the house? Amazing the pillows are not shedded! I got rid of my carpets decades ago and just put old blankets down on my hardwood floors every evening when they come in to sleep in the living room. Nice video! Dave in Little Switzerland

  2. Typhoon and Cheoh: Silly human, do you think we’d misbehave in front of the camera? Off-camera, well that is another story.

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