Jan 202013
Walki 1

Oh, boy. Oh, boy. A walk. A walk.

Walking 2

Come on, kid, we walk all the time. Act like you have done this before.

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  10 Responses to “The Joy of Walking (When You Are a Pup)”

  1. I’m 73 years old and identify with the pup. The world is full of wet blankets, isn’t it? Thank you so much for the pictures.

  2. Boy i loves me that Typhoon. sure hope he keeps his mask. juno kept much of hers. that way he can’t be identified when he commits his crimes. Notice I wrote “when”…

  3. Monty hasn’t grown out of that “OMD – I get to go for a walk, REALLY?” phase. It has been three years…. Sigh…


  4. Oh the torture ;-)

    Walk walk walk –

    I wish woo khould have been with me last night – we were walking on Mom was babbling – she asked me what goes through my head when we are walking -

    Of khourse, I’m SO not telling!

    PeeEssWoo: This reminds me, I MUST get nudging!

  5. That’s the wonder of puppies, everything is for the first time! :) And then you turn around and they’re thirteen years old. *sigh*



  7. Oh Frankie. You are too cute.

  8. I am 84 and the sight of poop bags for walking being stuck in Mom’s
    pocket makes me woo, loud and long!!

  9. Congrats on the new addition of the Thundering Herd. He’s cute like they all are!

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